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Worked in the cooking studio as a videographer, studio consultant, and crew director for web content before moving on to post-production. Have working on everything from TV/OTT commercials, social content, cooking shows, internal videos, recipe how-tos, self- filmed ASMR... you name it or saw it on Hulu, I've probably worked on some part of it. 

These are just a few of the higher performing (or more interesting) projects I was on.

High performing FACTOR TV spot.

Factor: Too Much On Your Plate

Mindful Meals

HelloFresh Beyond the Box (finishing editor)

Summer Health Series

Green Chef Keto Competitor

This one was extremely tricky, as the framing of the shots were not quite right to create a seamless "breaking the wall" transition. So I had to do some AfterEffects tutorial cramming to get a good solution.

The Beat of More

Super fun fanciful edit.

10 Reasons Why HelloFresh is The One

Mindful Moments

Fresh Takes on Takeout (1 of 3)

Lea Michele (finishing editor)

Camera, On Set Director, Editor

Camera & On Set Director

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