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Worked in the cooking studio as a videographer, studio consultant, and crew director for web content before moving on to post-production. Have working on everything from TV/OTT commercials, social content, cooking shows, internal videos, recipe how-tos, self- filmed ASMR... you name it or saw it on Hulu, I've probably worked on some part of it. 

These are just a few of the higher performing (or more interesting) projects I was on.

Factor: Too Much On Your Plate

High performing FACTOR TV spot.

Mindful Meals

ASMR-inspired, mindfulness TV spot.

The Beat of More

Super fun fanciful edit.

Mindful Moments

A second ASMR-inspired TV spot.

10 Reasons Why HelloFresh is The One
Summer Health Series
Snackables - Green Chef
Fresh Takes on Takeout

COVID-lockdown series of cooking shows starring Marisol Salazar and friends.

TikTok Ads

Unboxing marketplace items and a meal kit - this was self-shot, edited, and performed in my mother's kitchen using a GoPro.

The Beat of More Re-Edit

I re-edited the 60s Beat of More spot into a 16x9 and 9x15 30s for social. 

Cheaper Than Groceries

Taking an existing 16x9 spot that wasn't intended for vertical, and re-editing/animating to 9x16 specs. 

Green Chef Keto Competitor

This one was extremely tricky, as the framing of the shots were not quite right to create a seamless "breaking the wall" transition. So I had to do some AfterEffects tutorial cramming to get a good solution.

HelloFresh Beyond the Box (finishing editor)

Working with an existing edit to create a featurette using parallax.

Camera, On Set Director, Editor

Summer Grill Box
Thanksgiving Feast Box

Camera & On Set Director

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