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Other Branded Content

Collection of various branded content for multiple agencies.

Stripes - You've Earned It

Wellness company for people experiencing menopause, founded by Naomi Watts.

Fernet  Branca - FerNetworkTV

For Madwell. VO is also me. 

Hairstory - Eric Gets Clipped "How To" Video

Finishing editor. Recut of previous social media spot updating effects and significantly tightening the edit. These are always a challenge as you have to dive into someone else's existing project file and decode the workflow before you can make modifications and updates. 

PWC - Meet the People of Deals

Two case studies.

NAS Common Ground x Alibaba

For RAIN agency.

Doola Case Study - The Plunge

Shot, edited. They only had one mic so the sound was a bear.

2U Online Learning Experience

For Berlin Cameron.

Editing, VO, Sound, Color, GFX.

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