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Other mini-doc content.

Short doc about restaurants that pivoted to feeding locals during the height of COVID lockdown.


Silver Sirens

Activism cheerleader group for issues affecting NYC seniors.

Thrillist: Barrio USA - Drag

The producer asked me, “Do you have any experience with drag?” And I reply, “Why, yes. Yes, I do.”

Inside Edition: Can this chef really
make tarantulas and scorpions
taste good?

A last minute gig, I went with host Keleigh Nealon (who is awesome, btw) to a party space in midtown to — not kidding — film people eating bugs in extremely low lighting with a lot of flash photography. The least challenging part of the shoot was the actual bug consumption, which I thought was pretty fabulous, except that ants make you remember them on the way down.

ARTSFWD: Lessons from the Field

Mini-doc about the Museum of the New South exhibition the “Latino New South.”

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