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  • Cheyenne Picardo

New Portfolio Website

About six months ago, I began getting notifications that my website's backend (much like so many other pieces of media tech I love/hated) was going to be phased out. It already had been borderline unsupported, clunky, and honestly I never thing I got a job from it.

To top it all off, I had had to rescue it from what seemed like a potential hostage situation with my previous designer, and as a result, I hadn't added work to it since lockdown 2020.

Still, having the clock run out on even a shitty website is, of course, terrible news for a person who fundamentally hates web design. I'm the person who LOATHES getting a new phone because I just have to fight against every scrap of UI to make it user friendly to absolutely no one but me. But having to do it by myself, from scratch, was actually the only way I was ever going to design one that I could also ADD TO without feeling like I had to ask someone for help.

So voila, new portfolio website. Is it perfect? Nope. But it will do for now.

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